Details on mobile phone rental

Enjoy telecommunication services with a rental phone without worrying about incoming call rate.


Mobile Phone Reservation Roaming Center

· SIM card rental is available at SKT roaming center on the first-come, first-served basis. (No reservation)




· Credit card (Credit card holder name should be same as customer name) and passport are required for deposits upon device rental.
(Debit card not acceptable)
· Deposits for smart phone and SIM card should be paid by credit card or cash, which will be cancelled or refunded upon device return.
– Deposits: KRW 300,000 ~ 700,000 for smart phone, KRW 10,000 for SIM
· If rental period is longer than 15 days, rental fees will be automatically paid with the deposited card presented in the application process.
· Data can be quickly consumed if data sharing services are used, e.g., Hot Spot.
· Video call and MMS may not be available depending on mobile phone model.


Considerations for SIM Card Rental

· This service is available only for mobile phone models registered in Korea and with country lock released.
· Usability test needs to be done at our roaming center.
· Can be rented at SKT roaming center on the first-come, first-served basis. (No reservation)
· It may take longer to complete the rental process compared to other services.


Short Code

As a unique service offered by SK telecom for automatic roaming or rental roaming in Korea,
pressing a short code will directly connect you to customer center just like in your own country.




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