CHEF(new brand of BIBAP)

  • Destination: Jongno, Seoul
  • Address :

    Seoul Cinema
    386, Samil-daero, Jongno-gu, Seoul, Korea
    서울시 종로구 삼일대로 386(관철동 33-1) 시네코아빌딩 지하 2층
    TEL: 02-766-0815

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Experience 100% Live Beatbox and Rediscover the Art of B-Boying!

100% live beatbox with no special effects or recordings! Dynamic b-boying showcases process of how the food is made!
The upgraded musical ‘CHEF’ fun-packed with rich sounds and vivid visualizations!
It’s an explosive stage where a world-class level of b-boying and beatbox are deliberately combined.
New name of ‘BIBAP’! An upgraded Musical ‘Chef!
“BIBAP’ was shown tremendous love for the past 6 years since its premiere in 2011. Now ‘BIBAP’ is beginning a new chapter with a new name, ‘CHEF’. Not only has the name changed, but the music and choreography are also enhanced with more musical elements and upgraded scenes to showcase a truly dynamic performance.
A show filled with comedy!
What is the biggest differentiation of ‘CHEF’? Comedy! Every facial expression and movement of the performers is thoroughly calculated, naturally incorporating slapstick comedy in the show. The raw comedy and the element of surprise brings vivacious laughter in the audience. Also, ‘Chef’ is an interactive performance that encourages participation from different audience members, which in turn generates unexpected laughter!
Legacy of non-verbal performances! The Ultimate Know-How of Choi Cheol Ki’s Team!
Choi Cheoul Ki directed and produced many non-verbal performances such as NANTA, Jump, Beat, Flying, etc.! ‘CHEF’ is a performance exhibiting Choi’s know-how from 10 years’ experience. Although there is no dialogue in ‘CHEF,’ the overall story is told in a natural and fun way because of Choi Chul Ki’s 10-year devotion to non-verbal performances.


A restaurant serving premium foods with beatbox and b-boying!
Here begins a fiery food competition of two chefs who think their secret recipe is the best!
Who will be today’s winner?

Ring Ring! The sound of orders ringing from customers from all over the world.
From preparation of ingredients to the delivery of food,
There is no single moment that is not out of the ordinary.
However, the food made from 100% live beatbox and world-class level of b-boying will make you exclaim with awe!
After finishing orders of sushi, pizza, chicken noodle, here comes the last order of Bibimbap!
Intense competition between Green Chef and Red Chef to be chosen as the best chef!
Finally, the secret recipes of two chefs are revealed



* ADDRESS: B2F Cinecore Bldg.,Samildaero 386,Jongno-gu,Seoul,Korea 110-111 (T. 02-766-0815)
*Line No. 1 : Alight at Jonggak Station, take exit No. 12. Walk towards Cheonggye 2-ga
(approximately 10 minutes)
*Line No. 1, 3, 5: Alight at Jongno 3-ga Station, take exit No. 15. Walk towards Cheonggye 2-ga (approximately 10 minutes)


Period Show Time Running Time
Mar. 20, 2012 ~
Open Run
Mon 8pm / Tue~Sat 5pm & 8pm /
Sun 3pm & 6pm
75 minutes


First order: Sushi

A restaurant suddenly changed into the deep blue ocean?
A vivid ocean happening right in front of your own eyes!
From a lively group choreography of fish to a struggling pair of jellyfish…
Gratify your five senses with various flavors of the ocean!

Second order: Pizza

Customers on blind dates while chefs serenade with opera arias! Overcome the jealous situation created by the cute chef. Witness struggle of chefs to become Cupid for the customers!

Third order: Chicken Noodle

Experience Chicken noodle soup made from gooey dough by customers themselves! Served by the sexy chef will blow your mind! And a diabolic flavor will make the customer’s legs shake and give away.

Last order: Bibimbap

The final winner changes every day depending on the choice of the customers! Red Chef makes Bibimbab with the help of the harmony of musicals! Green chef uses the power of martial arts to make his bibimbab! Secret recipes of two chefs will be revealed to determine the winner.


Finale is a glamorous after-party of chefs who finished their rounds of the food competition!
100% live-Beatbox with explosive energy!
Slick moves of b-boys, showing off their fantastic abs!
The restaurant is moving with a sexy finale of chefs that you can’t see anywhere else!


Ticket Price

⇒Enjoy the delicious Bibap at 30% discounted
Class Normal Price Special Price
VIP-seats USD60 USD42
R-seats USD50 USD35
S-seats USD40 USD28

*Seat_376 in Total
*Age Limit_36 months and older
*For more information, contact our travel agent