Details on T mifi rental

With a simple reservation, you can enjoy Korea’s No. 1 SK telecom’s high-speed Internet.


Reservation Roaming Center

· Visitors to Korea, long-term or short-term, can rent a WiFi router to enable their Internet usage on various devices
such as mobile phone, tablet PC and laptop while traveling around Korea.




· Credit card (Credit card holder name should be same as customer name) and passport are required for deposits upon device rental.
(Debit card not acceptable)
· If rental period is longer than 15 days, rental fees will be automatically paid with the deposited card presented in the application process.
· For LTE router, data can be quickly consumed if concurrently accessed by multiple users.



· Online reservation should be made at least 3 days prior to your arrival in Korea.

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*Must be English name as written in your passport.
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Service Type T mifi rental
Service Period
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* If a device is not taken on the reservation will be auto-cancelled on the next day.
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