Daemyung Vivaldi Park

강원도 홍천군 서면 대명비발디파크

Daemyung Vivaldi Park, Seo-myeon, Hongcheon-gun, Gangwon-do, Korea
(Zip code : 250-751) / TEL: 1588-4888


Gangwon-do, Hongcheon


Ski Season: 2023. 11 ~ 2024. 2

Check in : 15:00
Check Out : 11:00


Vivaldi Park Ski World – More than you expect

Every step you take through the white snow makes you feel young again.

Vivaldi Park covered with white powder during winter seasons.

The beautiful white snow makes you so happy that you forget the height of the mountains around you.

Oak Building

※ Family A

CapacityUp to 4 people
RoomStudio Type- 1 DBL/TWN Bed or Korean style Ondol, 1 Bathroom, Kitchen
AppliancesAir conditioning, TV, Wi-fi internet access, Kitchenware & Refrigerator

※ Suite A

CapacityUp to 5 people
Room2 Bedrooms(Western or Korean style room), 1 Bathroom, Kitchen
AppliancesAir conditioning, TV, Wi-fi internet access, Kitchenware & Refrigerator
Pine /Maple / Cherry Building

※ Family

CapacityUp to 4 people
Room1 Bedroom(Western or Korean style room), 1 Bathroom, Kitchen
AppliancesAir conditioning, TV, Wi-fi internet access, Kitchenware & Refrigerator

※ Suite

CapacityUp to 5 people
Room2 Bedrooms(Western or Korean style room), 2 Bathrooms, Kitchen&Living-room
AppliancesAir conditioning, TV, Wi-fi internet access, Kitchenware & Refrigerator
Room Rate

** We can provide the room with discounted rate but it varies by dates.
Please contact us for the exact rate**

Room TypeCapacity (people)
Oak Family4
Oak Suite5
Pine Family4
Pine Suite5
Maple Family4
Maple Suite5
Cherry Suite5
Lift & Rental

※ Lift & Gondola Rates

ClassicifationValid Hours
Lift Morning Pass08:30~13:004.5hours
New-Morning Pass10:30~15:004.5hours
Afternoon Pass12:30~17:004.5hours
Night Pass18:30~22:304hours
New Night Pass20:30~01:004.5hours
Early-Morning Pass24:00~04:005hours
Daytime Pass08:30~17:008.5hours
New-Daytime Pass10:30~17:006.5hours
Half-Day Pass12:30~22:3010hours
New-Half Day Pass14:30~21:307hours
All Night Pass22:00~04:006hours
1Time Pass

– Since RFID(radio frequency tag identification ) system is operating, you need to pay KRW1,000 of deposit addtionally to your lift pass. After finishing the ski activities, you can get refund of deposit at the ticket office.

– Slope maintenance and lift non-operating hour : 17:00~18:30

– Child : Until elementary school students

※ Ski & Board Rental

Ski : When you rent ski, ski pole and boots follow with it without any extra charge.
Goggles, gloves : You need to buy them for your own. You can buy it at the resort.

ClassicifationValid Hours
Morning Pass08:30~13:00
New-Morning Pass10:30~15:00
Afternoon Pass12:30~17:00
Night Pass18:30~22:30
New Night Pass20:30~01:00
Early-Morning Pass24:00~04:00
Daytime Pass08:30~17:00
New-Daytime Pass10:30~17:00
Half-Day Pass12:30~22:30
New-Half Day Pass14:30~21:30
All Night Pass22:00~04:00

※ Snow Sled

Operating TimeValid Hours
2 hour Pass2hours from every O’clock
Single PassMorning9:00~13:00
Combined PassDaytime9:00~17:00
Adult, ChildAdult : Over 14 years old, Child : Under 13 years old
BabyThe baby can enjoy snow-sled only if their parents are accompany with baby aged 4 to 7(Parents need to pay entrance charge)
Entrance RestrictionUnder 36month baby and over 55years old adult

* Snow sled is planning to open at the middle of Dec.

※ Ski & Board Lesson

Lesson Type
Half-Day Lesson(Morning, Afternoon or Night 2hrs)1:1
Family Class(2~4)
Full-Day Lesson(Morning+Afternoon or Afternoon+Night 4hrs)1:1
Family Class(2~4)

* If the group is less than 3 people, it might be canceled the lesson.


※ Ocean World

Ocean World is an eco-friendly water park that minimizes environmental damage and anyone at all age can enjoy the comfortable rest and excitement that Ocean World offers.
Overall dimensions of the park are as follows:? 13,223㎡(Indoor Zone), 36,364㎡(Extreme Zone) and 49,587㎡ (Dynamic Zone), which are in total, 99,174㎡, 14 times the size of a football field and capacity of 18,000 persons.

General Information

Hours08:30 ~ 20:00 (Business hour is changed according to the season)
NoteWhen you entrance Ocean World, you should put on swimsuit and swimming cap.

Admission Fee

Ocean World(Ocen World+Korean sauna “Jjimjilbang”)Full-Day Pass
Afternoon Pass(14:00~)

Rental Fee

Jjimjil Clothing(Sauna Wear)
Life jacket(Vast)
Sun BedRoyal-Sun bed
Sun bed
Swimming Cap
Beach wrap Skirts
Blanket(for Jjimjilbang)

Ocean World Guide

Step 1Buy Admission Ticket, Charge with Ocean Coin.
Step 2Check ticket and Ocean Key(Man/Woman). Divided acquirement.
Step 3After taking off your shoes and entering. Use your Ocean key(A shoes chest, Locker) No.
Step 4Charge with Ocean World
Step 5A dressing room, Clothes deposit shower after borrowing clothes for formentation. Use the formentation room
Step 6Use to Ocean World
Step 7Use to shoer and dressing room
Step 8Use-charge settlement, repayment
Step 9After making sure the charge is paid, take back the Ocean key.

※ Other Facilities

SaunaUnderground Leisure Mall
KaraokeUnderground Leisure Mall
Bowling AlleyUnderground Leisure Mall
Internet-CafeUnderground Leisure Mall
CafeteriaMain Center B1
Good&GoodBig Supermarket(Underground Leisure Mall)
Michaewon(Korean Restaurants)Oak Village B1
ChezNousBuffet Restaurant(Maple Village B1)
Incheon Int. AirportVivaldi Park152 km2.5 hours
SeoulVivaldi Park96 km2 hours

※ Rental Car

Rental CarDepartureDestination Rate (USD)
9-Seater CarIncheon Int. AirportVivaldi ParkUSD320
25-Seater CarIncheon Int. AirportUSD450
45-Seater CarIncheon Int. AirportUSD680

※ Subway

Yongsan Station → Vivaldi Park

Yongsan Station(Line#1, Jhungang Line)Obin Station(Jhungang Line)Subway1.2hoursEvery 10~20mins
Obin Station(Jhungang Line)Vivaldi ParkShuttle Bus(~2013. 12.19)40minsMon~Fri : 9:10, 14:10

Vivaldi Park → Yongsan Station

Vivaldi ParkObin Station(Jhungang Line)Shuttle Bus(~2013. 12.19)40mins05:30 ~ 23:00, every 20 min
Obin Station(Jhungang Line)Yongsan Station(Line#1, Jhungang Line)Subway1.2hoursEvery 30mins

* Free Shuttle Bus Boarding area : Get off at the Obin station and turn left, you’ll find shuttle bus sign.

※ Express Bus

Incheon Airport → Vivaldi Park

Incheon Airport(4B or 11A on the 1st Floor)Dong Seoul Bus Terminal(Gangbyeon Station, Line#2)Limousine #67051 hour05:30 ~ 23:00, every 20 min
Dong Seoul Bus TerminalVivaldi ParkExpress Bus1.5hours08:21, 09:19, 14:21, 17:05

VivaldI Park → Incheon Airport

Vivaldi ParkDong Seoul Bus Terminal(Gangbyeon Station, Line#2)Express Bus1.5hours11:30, 14:00, 16:30, 18:30
Dong Seoul Bus TerminalIncheon AirportExpress Bus1 hour06:20 ~ 20:30Every 20 mins

※ 2023/24 Vivaldi Ski Season Shuttle Bus

!! Please reserve your seat 1-2 weeks in advance with us.

Vivaldi Park Shuttle Bus(Seoul → Vivaldi Park : Direct) : 2023.11.25~2024.03.10

FromBoarding AreaDurationDeparture Time
Hongdae(Hongik University station(Line#2)Exit.8Subway(Line#2)Hoingik University Station Exit 8->Go Straight 100m->Bus Stop Point: In front of ‘Shandong”
*address:166-6, Donggyo-dong, Mapogu, Seoul
2 hours07:30am
Myeong Dong(Lotte Hotel)Subway(Line#2)Eljiro 1-ga station Exit 8->Go Straight 150m->Bus Stop point: In front of Airport limousine bus stop
*address:30, Eulji-ro, Jung-gu, Seoul,Korea Lotte Hotel Seoul
CALT(Samsung Station(Line#2)Exit.5Subway(Line#2)Samsung station Exit 5->Go straight 100m->After Hyundae mall, turn right and go stratght->Inside CALT, go up to 2nd floor using escalater->In front of ‘Arrival’ section
*address:159-6,Samsung-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul

Vivaldi Park Shuttle Bus(Vivaldi Park → Seoul : Direct) : 2023.11.25~2024.03.10

FromToArrival time
Vivaldi park resort (18:00)CALT(Samsung Station(Line#2)19:30pm
Myeong Dong(Lotte Hotel)20:00pm
Hongdae(Hongik University station(Line#2)20:30pm
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