Welli Hilli Park Ski Tour (2D1N) / USD 350

강원도 횡성군 둔내면 고원로 451 (TEL: 1544-8833)

#451, Gowon-ro, Dunnae-myon, Heongsung-Gun, Gangwon-do


Heongsung-Gun, Gangwon-do


Check in : 15:00 ~22:00
Check Out : ~ 11:00


Anxiously awaited winter!

Welli Hilli Park has a total of 19 slopes which are available for all people ranging from customers starting skiing or snowboarding for the very first time to expert-level riders. Snowboard mania can enjoy fantastic stunts on the international level Super Pipe while fun and relaxing time can be had at the mega-sized D+ slope.

Welli Hilli Park is a four season comprehensive recreation town characterized by panoramic beauty of nature across four seasons. Located a comfortable 80minutes driving from Seoul while being near unspoiled natural environments such as Chiaksan National Park, Cheonglaesan, etc,. pollution-free, clean-zone four season comprehensive resort possesses ideal conditions of location. In addition to luxury accommodation, recreational facilities, ski resort, and golf course, there are various subsidiary facilities for young adult emotional recharge such as various education cultural facilities, indoor gymnasium, swimming pool, little theater, field for outdoor sports activities, etc.

Detailed Itinerary
09:00Pick you up at the Hotel
11:30 ~ WelliHilli Park Ski Resort
11:30 ~ 12:30Ski Equipment & clothing Rental
12:30 ~ 13:30Rest (Lunch)
14:00 ~ 16:00Ski Lesson
18:30 ~ 22:30Enjoy Free Ski !!
22:30 ~ 07:00Sleep in Welli Hilli Park (1 Night or 2 Night)
07:00 ~ 08:00Breakfast
08:30 ~ 13:30Enjoy Free Ski !!
13:30 ~ 14:30Return Ski Equipment & clothing Rental
14:30 ~ 16:00Welli Hilli Park → Seoul Hotel (Shuttel Bus)

Welli Hilli Park Resort Ski Slopes

Designed by “Paul Matthew” of Canada’s ECOSIGN, the slopes have been certified for its scale and safety by the Fédération Internationale de Ski (FIS)! Passion bursting from the snowfields! Pleasure of cutting through snowfields! Where the best styles are brought to life!
Paul Matthew, who also designed Canada’s Alberta and USA’s Sun Valley, designed the Sungwoo Resort ski resort to earn the certification for its scale and safety by the FIS. Hyundai Sungwoo Resort ski resort is an international scale ski resort which allows splendid enjoyment of leading winter sports in skiing and snowboarding through its refined 19 slopes and convenient lifts.
First internationally certified mogul course!
To fulfill the various demands of skiers, mogul course is under operation on the Challenger (C1) course to provide fun and thrill. “Mogul course” is an artificially developed convex slope where you ride past uneven snowdrifts on a steep hill. Consisting of 200m length, maximum slope of 25 degrees, one snow drift every 2-3m with a height of 1m, it is appropriate to acquiring advanced skill of edge transfer skill where the rider maintains a stable upper body posture while using sudden bending, straightening, and twisting of the lower body.

Room Info / Rate

Standard B Type

Capacity3 people
Room1 Ondol bedroom, 1 Bathrooms, Kitchen&Living Room
AppliancesLCD TV, Telephone, Refrigerator, Lamp, Induction Range, Hair Dryer
InternetWIFI Internet Access(Lobby)

Family Type

Capacity5 people
Room2 Ondol bedrooms, 1 Bathrooms, Kitchen&Living Room
AppliancesTV, Telephone, Refrigerator, Lamp, Induction Range, Hair Dryer
InternetWIFI Internet Access(Lobby)

Sweet B Type

Capacity6 people
Room3 Ondol bedrooms, 2 Bathrooms, Kitchen&Living Room
AppliancesTV, Telephone, Refrigerator, Lamp, Induction Range, Hair Dryer
InternetWIFI Internet Access(Lobby)

Room Rate

2019. Opening date~ 2019. 12. 20 (Weekends : Fri., Sat. The day before national holiday)
Room TypeCapacity (people)Weekdays (USD)Weekends (USD)
Standard B Type3145180
Family Type5165200
Sweet B Type6185220
2019. 12. 21 ~ 2019. 12. 31
Room TypeCapacity (people)Weekdays (USD)Weekends (USD)
Standard B Type3215270
Family Type5235290
Sweet B Type6255310
2020. 01. 01 ~ 2020. 02. 02(Weekends : Fri., Sat. The day before national holiday)
Room TypeCapacity (people)Weekdays (USD)Weekends (USD)
Standard B Type3185230
Family Type5205240
Sweet B Type6225260
2020. 02. 03~ 2019. 03. 01(Weekends : Fri., Jan.The day before national holiday)
Room TypeCapacity (people)Weekdays (USD)Weekends (USD)
Standard B Type3145180
Family Type5165200
Sweet B Type6185220


* There is USD13pp surcharge for breakfast. (A child under five is free of charge)


※ Indoor Swimming Pool

Welli Hilli Park’s indoor swimming pool is 26m in length consisting of 6 lanes with adult pool and baby pool for children, thrilling slide ride, and warm pool. Three sides are made of full glass and for four-season usage; the pool is chilled during the summer season while warmed during the winter season.
Location: Recreation center 3rd floor

Hours08:00 ~ 20:00
Rate (KRW)13,000 won(Adult), 10,000 won(Child) *Swimsuit is required

※ Sauna

Welli Hilli Park’s sauna furnishes dry type, wet type, and infrared ray sauna facilities and you can enjoy different type of saunas. The sauna also consists of resting room, sleeping room, yoga room, jjimjilbang, etc.

HoursWD(06:00 ~ 21:00), WE(06:00 ~ 22:00)
Rate (KRW)10,000 won(Adult), 6,000 won(Child)

※ Restaurants and Lobby Lounge

You can enjoy healthy cousine with affordable prices in Welli Hilli Park restaurants. And relax with a cup of coffee while observing the complete view of the wide open slopes.

Hours06:00 ~ 20:00
LocationMain Building 3rd floor

※ Billiard Room

Billiard is a leisure sport where you use a billiard cue to hit red and white balls on top of a billiard table to compete with each other. Our billiard room has pocket ball and carom tables as well as shooting facilities.

HoursMon~Fri : 12:00 ~ 24:00, Sat : 11:00~02:00, Sun : 11:00~22:00
RateKRW2,000 Per 10minutes

※ Kids Cafe

HoursSaturday : 10:00 ~ 22:00, Sunday : 10:00~17:00
LocationOn the 1st floor of Condominium

※ Karaoke Room

Welli Hilli Park has the latest audio facility and image music and the leisure facility provides ample entertainment through its monthly latest music update service. Enjoy a great time with co-workers, friends, family, and lovers in rooms ranging from large-size to small-size.

Hours15:00~Next day 3:00
LocationOn the 2nd floor of Condominium

Price350 / 500 USD(Person)

4 people
Rate (per person)
USD 350 (2D 1N)
USD 500 (3D 2N)

* Welli Hilli Park Open : 15-Nov-2019. (Around)
* Ski package customer : please check the location of the shuttle bus.


– Hotel Pick up & Drop off
– Ski Equipment
– Lift Pass : Day pass
– Ski Lesson : 2 Hours
– Ski Wear Rental
– Breakfast
– 1 Family Room : Available for 5 people


– Ski gloves, Goggles
– Lunch

2019/20 Season Pre-paid Shuttle Bus(Seoul ↔ Welli Hilli Park)
Seoul → Welli Hilli Park 
FromBoarding AreaDeparture Time
Sinchon station(Line#2)Subway Subway Station(Line#2), Exi No.7 Go straight 50m then you’ll get on the bus at the Lotteria)06:05(Daily), 10:05(Daily), 14:15(only Sat)
Jamsil Station(Line#2)Jamsil Subway Station(Line#2), Exit No.4Go straight 150m, at the Galeria Palace(Beside Lotte Mart)06:40(Daily), 10:30(Daily)
Isu station(Line#4)Isu Station(Line#4,7), Exit No.9 , in front of Mcdonald06:20(Daily), 10:20(Daily), 15:00(only Sat.)
Dongdaemun Station(Line#1)Dongdaemun Station(Line#1)06:00(Sat/Sun/Holiday), 09:35(Sat/Sun/Holiday)
Soprts Complex Station(Line#2)Sports Complex Subway Station(Line#2), At the Exit No.215:30(only for night ski.)

* Duration : 2.5hours
* Fare(USD) : 25 USD per person (One Way)

Welli Hilli Park → Seoul
FromToDeparture Time
Welli Hilli Park(Parking Lot)Sinchon Station(Line#2)17:10 (Sat/Sun/Holiday)
Jamsil Station(Line#2)11:30, 14:00, 17:10
Sadang Station(Line#2)17:10
Dongdaemun Station(Line#1)17:10 (Sat/Sun/Holiday)

* Fare(USD) : 25 USD per person (One Way)

Welli Hilli Park Shuttle Bus Boarding Area

Sinchon Station(Line#2): In front of Lotteria, 50m ahead of exit 7

Jamsil Station(Line#2):In front of Galleria Palace,500m ahead of exit 4

Dongdaemun Station(Line#1,4): In front of Doosan Tower, 500m ahead of exit 8

Sports Complex Station(Line#2) : In front of exit 2

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