Details on roaming center

You can start to enjoy world-leading SK telecom roaming Service as soon as you arrive in Korea.

We make it easy to rent a mobile phone right after you land and return it at departure.

● Incheon International Airport

인천공항 로밍센터 위치 안내 이미지 · Between Exit 6 and 7 on the ground floor:

For reserved phone pickup & rental phone / T mifi rental or return

– Business hours : 24hours

· Between Exit 10 and 11 on the ground floor:

Rent/return rental phone or T mifi

– Business hours : 06:00∼22:00

● Gimpo International Airport

인천공항 로밍센터 위치 안내 이미지· The front of the Arrival Hall (1st floor) in the

International Terminal Building.

– Business hours : 07:00∼23:00


● Gimhae International Airport

인천공항 로밍센터 위치 안내 이미지· At gate 3 on the first floor of international

terminal at Gimhae International Airport (Busan)

– Business hours : 06:00∼22:00

● Busan Harbor

인천공항 로밍센터 위치 안내 이미지· In the Busan Port Arrival Hall (1st floor)

International Passenger Terminal

– Business hours : 07:00∼19:30

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