Hanhwa Resort Seorak(Sorano)

  • Destination: Gangwon, Sokcho
  • Address :

    24-1 Jangsa-dong, Sokcho-si, Gangwon-do TEL: 1588-2299
  • Check in : 14:00
    Check Out : 12:00

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A beautiful getaway with fantastic views of nature, Mt. Seorak and the East Sea

Discover the majestic beauty of Mt. Seorak and behold the azure blue of the East Sea. Enjoy a relaxing interlude with nature in the outdoor hot springs, followed by an extraordinary game of golf.

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※ Sorano HTL
Capacity 2~4 people
Room Hotel type – 1 Bedroom, 1 Bathroom, Living Room
Appliances TV, Telephone, Refrigerator, Air Conditioner, Lamp, Hair Dryer
Internet Free WIFI Access


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Nearby Attractions

※ Daepohang Port

The perfect place for fresh sashimi.
Fresh sashimi at famous Dapohang Port is a must-try food for all visitors to Sokcho. Visitors can walk through the live fish market at the end of the pier, haggle over the fish of their choice, and try fresh sashimi at great prices. Fish are filleted into sashimi on the spot, and visitors can purchase a range of vegetables to enjoy with their sashimi. Spicy fish stew is also available for an extra charge.
  • Address : Daepo-dong, Sokcho-si, Gangwon-do


※ Cheongcho Lake
A magnificent lake in the middle of Sokcho.
Chongcho Lake is a large lake located in the middle of Solcho-si. Shaped like a cow lying down, Cheongcho Lake expands the estuary and is the gateway between Sokcho and the ocean. It is one of the major lakes of the east coast along with nearby Yeongrang Lake and Gangneung’s Gyeongpo Lake, and is widely known as a port connecting the river and the sea. Located close by are a 73.4m tower symbolizing the "99 Gangwon International Tourism Expo", a theatre where visitors can enjoy Imax movies, and a marina offering sea cruises.
  • Address : Adjoining 4 dong areas including Cheongho-dong, Sokcho-si, Gangwon-do


※ Ulsanbawi Rock
The most impressive rock formation in Korea.
The trail leading up to Ulsanbawi Rock is located next to Sinheungsa Temple in Seorakdong Mini Parkk. In the middle of the trail is Heundeulbawi, a balanced rock. It takes around 3~4 hours to reach the top of Usanbawi and come back down. Ulsanbawi is located 873m above sea level. It is surrounded by cliffs, has a circumference of 4km, consists of 6peaks, and boasts spectacular views. There are 3 different origin stories for the name "Ulsanbawi". The first claims that because the rock is shaped like a fence, it was named after the Korean word for fence "ultari". The second is that it was named after the Ulsan area, and the third suggests that the name means "crying mountain". When clods surround Ulsanbawi, it appears as if it is covered in cloud-shaped flowers.
  • Address : In Seoraksan National Park, Seorak-dong, Sokcho-si, Gangwon-do


※ Gaetbae Boat Experience
A special experience unique to Sokcho.
The only way to cross Sokcho Port Waterway between Sokcho City and Abai Village in Cheongho-dong is by riding a "Gaetbae"boat. Gaetbae boats are operated by tryin each Gaetbae to a cable with two ropes, and pulling it using special handheld hooks. Gaetbae boats are a man-powered form of sea transportation unique to Sokcho. It provides visitors a special experience allowing them to enjoy the charm of the deep sea, Cheongcho Lake and the fishing village. Travel to Sokcho City by Gaetbae and go shopping for seafood in the central market, or go for a walk along the pier leading to Dong myeong Port. This area is famous as the location for the TV drama "Autumn in my heart", and is where the National Gaetbae-pulling Competition is held.
  • Address : Cheongcho Lake, Cheongho-dong, Sokcho-si, Gangwon-do


※ Daecheongbong Peak
Witness the beautiful scenery of Seorak.
At 1,708m, Daecheongbong Peak is the highest peak in Seoraksan National Park. It is the third highest peak in South Korea after Mt. Halla(1,950m) and Mt. Jiri(1,915m), and is the point where Inner Seorak meets Outer Seorak. Daecheongbong is home to various species of wild birds and covered in short high-attitude plants due to its irregular weather patterns and low temperature, making it an extremely important place for studying organisms living in high attitudes. Daecheongbong also acts as an observatory where visitors can enjoy the beautiful scenery of Seorak.
  • Address : Seorak-dong, Inje-gun, Yangyang-gun, Sokcho-si, Gangwon-do


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※ Seorak Waterpia
Periods Low Season : 2013.3.4~2013.4.28
High Season : 2013.4.29~2013.6.28
Business Hours 10:00~20:30
Rate (KRW)
: Low Season
Full-day(10:00~20:30) : Adult(55,000), Child(41,000)
Afternoon Pass(16:00~20:30) : Adult(46,500), Child(34,500)
Night Pass(19:00~20:30) : Adult(27,500), Child(20,500)
Rate (KRW)
: High Season
Full-day(10:00~20:30) : Adult(60,000), Child(45,000)
Afternoon Pass(16:00~20:30) : Adult(51,000), Child(38,000)
Night Pass(19:00~20:30) : Adult(30,000), Child(22,500)
Note Child : Under 12 years old


※ Convenience Store

They offer fresh local fruit, vegetables and otehr foodstuffs, local products and chemical-free organic foods.

Business Hours Sun~Thu : 7:00~24:00
Fri : 7:00~01:00(Next Day)
Sat : 7:00~02:00(Next Day)
Location Sorano Resort 7th Bld. B1


※ Lake Park

There is a lake park out of resort. you can have a rest seeing Mt. Seorak and lake.


※ Members Lounge

You can get tour information nearby attractions and get resort location information here.

Business Hours
Location Sorano Resort 5th Lobby


※ Billiards
Business Hours Weekdays : 10:00~24:00
Weekends : 10:00~02:00(Next Day)
Location Sorano Resort 3rd Bld. B1


※ Internet Cafe
Business Hours WD, WE : 9:00~24:00
Peak-Season : 9:00~02:00(Next Day)
Location Sorano Resort 4th Bld. B1


※ Multi-Room

You can enjoy Karaoke, Internet, Theater, TV and game facilities at a one place in Multi-room.

Business Hours Weekdays : 10:00~24:00
Weekends : 10:00~02:00(Next Day)
Location Sorano Resort 3rd Bld. B1


※ Coin Laundry
Business Hours 24houurs
Location Sorano Resort 7th Bld. B1
※ Cafe
Business Hours 7:00~22:00
Location Sorano Resort 5th Bld. 1F Lobby
※ La Galleria(Breakfast Buffet)
Business Hours 7:00~22:00
Location Sorano Resort 5th Bld. 1st Floor of Lobby

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※ Rental Car
Rental Car Departure Destination Rate (USD)
  • 9-Seater Car
Incheon Int. Airport Hanhwa Resort $ 370
Seoul Hanhwa Resort $ 320
  • 45-Seater Car
Incheon Int. Airport Hanhwa Resort $ 600
Seoul Hanhwa Resort $ 500


※ Express Bus

Incheon Airport → Hanwha Resort
From To Vehicle Duration Fare(KRW) Schedule
Incheon Airport
(4B or 11A)
Dong-Seoul Bus Terminal Airport Limousine(#6705) 1hour 15,000/10,00(Child) 4:53~22:46
Every 30mins
Dong-Seoul Bus Terminal Sokcho Express Bus Terminal Express Bus 2hours
17,300/8,700(Child) 6:30~23:30
Every 30mins
Sokcho Express Bus Terminal Hanhwa Resort Taxi 20mins 10,000
Bus 2,500 Refer to below

*Bus Information : Take buses No. 7, 9, or 1 in front of the terminal, get off in front of Sokcho Fire Station(Students’ Gymnasium), cross the road and take bus No.3, 3-1 in front of the fire station.

Hanhwa Resort → Incheon Airport
From To Vehicle Duration Fare(KRW) Schedule
Hanhwa Resort Sokcho Express Bus Terminal Taxi 20mins 10,000
Bus 2,500 Refer to below
Sokcho Express Bus Terminal Dong-Seoul Bus Terminal Express Bus 2hours
17,300/8,700(Child) 6:50, 9:20, 11:50, 14:20, 16:50, 19:40
Dong-Seoul Bus Terminal Incheon Airport Intercity Bus 1hour 7,400/3,700(Child) 6:20~20:30
Every 30mins

*Bus Information : Take bus No.3, 3-1 and get off at the Sokcho Fire Station and get on the bus 7, 9, or 1 and gett off at the Sokcho Terminal.

※ Shuttle Bus
Seoul → Hanhwa Resort Seorak
Departure Boarding Location Departure Time Duration Fare(KRW)
Euljiro Hanhwa Main Office Bulding(3 mins walk from entrance No.4 of Euljiro 1(il)-ga Station) 8:30 2 hours
(One-Way) ,
Service Charge


Algujeong Hyundai Department Store Public Car Park 9:00
Jamsil In front of Lotte Mart(Jamsil Station entrance No.7) 9:30

*Departure time may vary during peak seasons.
*Prior reservation is required.


※ Free Shuttle Bus(Whinin the resort)
Shuttle buses operate within the resort only
Resort’s Main Building → Waterpia → Cinerama(filming location for Daejo Young) → Resort’s Annex Building(Also operated in resrve order)

*Operating hours are subject to change.