Incheon or Jeju Airport Rental car (without a driver)

  • Destination: All Around Korea, Incheon
  • Time :

    06:00 ~ 22:00
  • Location :

    (Public Area, 1F, Incheon International Airport) Near Exit 2
  • High1_ValleyStandard

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Subject Rental car and Driving lesson service
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Rental/Return Procedures

1)Rental Procedures

2)Return Procedures

Rate & Option

※ Rental car service

Car type
Pickup and Return Branch
Basic Rate
Incheon or Jeju airport branch
45% Discount
+ 1 luggage
Incheon or Jeju airport branch
45% Discount
+ 2 luggage
Incheon or Jeju airport branch
45% Discount
+ 2 luggage
Incheon or Jeju airport branch
45% Discount
+ 2 luggage

* Exclusive : Parking fee, Toll fee, Fuel expenses, CDW
* Automatic Transmission
* No Rental less than 24hours
* Additional rate can be charged for Compensation for an Inactive Vehicle, Vehicle Repair Cost, Traffic Violation Penalty, Refueling Service Charge, Late Return and Not returning to designated branch.
* Compact(5-seater): MORNING
* Standard(5-seater): K5/MALIBU
* VAN(12-seater): GRAND STAREX 12P

※ Option

1) Driving lesson: USD200 an hour from Incheon airport to Seoul
2) Navigation(English)
3) Auto Accident Car Damage Waiver(CDW): Contact us for exact rate.
Because the rate is different depending on the type of car, periods and rental car company policy

Rental Guide

※ Rental information for foreigner

Remember 6 things as below.

1) Passport and International driving permit are essential for identification on the spot
*The full name of spelling and signature should be same with a passport and an international driving permit.

2)International Driving Permit that we accept

-Grade B: allowed to drive up to 9-seater vehicle
-Grade D :allowed to drive up to 12-seater vehicle

3)It is mandatory to rent and drive within South Korea. Issued by counties of International Driving Permit should be registered Geneva or Vienna Convention.
If you are not from any countries in the Geneva or Vienna Conventions, it is not allowed to rent a car.

4)Over 21 years of ages and over 1 year of driving experience are required

5)Rental is not allowed if no effective period for aptitude test is remaining within the rental period

6)If you seek registration of a second driver, he or she must accompany you carrying his/her international driving permit when you pick up the car
* If the car driver does not meet the eligibility as above, car rental may be rejected on the site. So, please check the eligibility beforehand


※ Insurance and Other Coverages in the Event of Auto Accident

Auto Accident Car Damage Waiver (CDW)

All losses or damages to the rented vehicle during the rental period, for any reason attributable to the customer is the customer’s responsibility.

However, Car Damage Waiver (CDW) is an optional service which offers protection from financial liability for losses or damages to the rented vehicle through your fault.

(Mainland)Paying 50,000- 300,000 won per accident can protect you from the liability for losses or damages to the car,regardless of the amount. However, the fee may vary by Car Damage Waiver Deductible policy