Orient resort : Phoenix Park

  • Destination: Gangwon, Pyeongchang
  • Address :

    762-1 Mui-ri, Bongpyeong-myeon, Pyeongchang-gun, Gangwon-don, Korea
    강원도 평창군 봉평면 무이리 762-1
  • Check in : 15:00 ~
    Check Out : ~ 12:00

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Outline Room Info./ Rate Lift & Rental Facilities Transportation


Orient Hotel provides a classy living space that is unique in every way.

To provide more convenience to the lives of all our members, we give top priority on customer satisfaction and we do our best as a true leader in the leisure industry. Since obtaining a business permit as Gyeongpo chalet condominium/Mountain villa condominium in November 1999, in order to establish ourselves as the leading leisure company in Korea. We have steadily been conducting business with the motto of customer satisfaction and human-oriented corporate culture and we have been providing the best and friendliest services

Outline Room Info./ Rate Lift & Rental Facilities Transportation

Room Information

Enjoy the lovely view from the comfort of your bed. An excellent view encompassing the full vista of Mt. Taegi’s own Mont Blanc (elevation 1,050m) and a night view of the Phoenix Park slope! It is a privilege provided in all Orient resort rooms.

※Standard Double/Twin
Capacity 2 people
Area(㎡) 26.4
Room 1 Double bedroom OR 1 Twin bed room, 1 Bathroom
Appliances TV, Telephone, Refrigerator, Air Conditioner, Lamp,
Internet Cable Internet Access(Free/LAN Cable provided)


※ Room Rate

** We can provide the room with discounted rate but it varies by dates.
Please contact us for the exact rate**

Outline Room Info./ Rate Lift & Rental Facilities Transportation

Lift & Rental

※ Lift & Gondola Rates

Lift : When you buy lift ticket, that’ll be the ski pass.

Classicifation Valid Hours Fee(Adult/Child)(won)
Lift Pass Morning / Afternoon / Night Pass 08:30~13:00/12:00~16:30/18:30~23:00 4.5hours 58,000/45,000
Late-Night Pass 22:30~01:30 3hours 45,000/35,000
Early-Morning Pass 24:00~04:30 4.5hours 52,000/40,000
Half-Day Pass 08:30~16:30 8hours 70,000/56,000
New Half-Day Pass 10:30~16:30 6hours 66,000/52,000
After-Night Pass 12:00~23:00 11hours 85,000/65,000
New After-Night Pass 14:00~23:00 9hours 75,000/60,000
Eve-Night Pass 18:30~01:30 7hours 68,000/54,000
Night-Morning Pass 22:30~04:30 5hours 62,000/50,000
1-Time Ticket 6hours 13,000/10,000
Tourist Gondola 1 time 12,000/10,000

*Child : Under 12 years old
*All lessons except child lesson are not included lift & equipment rates
*All rates are included V.A.T.

※ Ski & Board Rental

Ski : When you rent Ski, ski pole and boots follow with it without any extra charge.
Goggles, gloves : You need to buy them for your own. You can buy it at the resort.

Classification Fee (won)
Adult Child
Ski/Snow Board Half-Day /New Half-Day / After-Night
/ New After-Night / Eve-Night / Night-Morning
30,000 24,000
Morning / Afternoon / Night / Late-Night / Early-Morning 23,000 18,000
2-Days Ticket 50,000 40,000
3-Days Ticket 70,000 56,000

*Child : 0~12years

※ Snow Sled
Half-Day Adult KRW 15,000
Child KRW13,000
Full-Day Adult KRW22,000
Child KRW18,000

– Operating hour : 09:00~13:00(Morning), 13:00~16:30(Afternoon), 17:30~21:00(Night)
– Night Snow-Sled operates only Fri, Sat, before of National holiday.
– Child : 4~12years old
– You can re-enter the Snow-sled within your ticket time.


※ Locker

1 Time(1 Day) : KRW1,000
Outdoor Ski holder : KRW1,000

※ Ski & Board Clothing Rental
Classification Outer or Pants Set(Outer+Pants)
Morning / Afternoon / Night 8,000 12,000
Half-Day / New Half-Day
After-Night / New After-Night
Late-Night / Early-Morning
Eve-Night / Night-Morning
12,000 17,000
1Day 2Night 15,000 25,000
2Day 3Night 20,000 30,000
3Day 4Night 25,000 35,000

– Cloth standard is for Adult.(There are only few child clothes)
– We don’t rent goggle, gloves. You should have your own or you can buy at the shop in the ski resort.

Outline Room Info./ Rate Lift & Rental Facilities Transportation


※ Restaurant and Bar

An inviting space with a refined atmosphere showing a great diversity of food that can satisfy even the most discerning of palates.

※ Screen golf

Wide-open fields bring up the experience of seeing real fields right before your very eyes! Gaze upon the fields’ natural appearance!

※ Fitness club

Keep yourself healty in your travels.

※ Swimming pool

At this luxury resort-level outdoor swimming pool, you can enjoy a perfect restful experience in Mt. Taegi.

※ Store

You can purchase items at the hotel as well for your convenience.

Outline Room Info./ Rate Lift & Rental Facilities Transportation

Departure Destination Distance Time
Seoul Orient resort 175 km 2 hours 30 mins
Incheon Int. Airport Orient resort 210 km 3 hours 15mins
※ Rental Car
Rental Car Departure Destination Rate (USD)
  • 9-Seater Car
Incheon Int. Airport Orient resort $ 320
Seoul Orient resort $ 270
  • 25-Seater Car
Incheon Int. Airport Orient resort $ 480
Seoul Orient resort $ 430
  • 45-Seater Car
Incheon Int. Airport Orient resort $ 750
Seoul Orient resort $ 650