Andong Maskdance Festival(No Shopping)

  • Destination: Andong, Gyeongsang
  • Time :

    07:00 ~ 21:30
  • Price :

    USD 60 per person   
  • Address :

    Andong Maskdance Festival
    Hahoe-ri, Pungcheon-myeon, Andong-si, Gyeongsangbuk-do
    경상북도 안동시 풍천면 하회리

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07:00 ~ 20:30
City Hall Subway Station → Andong Mask Museum → Hahoe Village → Traditional Market → City Hall Subway Station
市庁駅 →安東 仮面 博物館 → 安東河回村 → 安東市場→ 安東国際仮面劇フェスティバル → 市庁駅
市厅站 → 河回洞假面博物馆 → 安东河回村 → 安东国际假面舞节 → 市厅站

Type Location Rate(USD) Participants at least
  • Andong Maskdance Festival
Hahoe-ri, Pungcheon-myeon, Andong-si, Gyeongsangbuk-do 60 2 people




– Car(45-Seater Bus)



– Every Meal, Personal expenses are not included.
– This tour doesn’t include tour guide but Korean tour conductor will take care of you.


Andong is renowned historic and cultural site in Korea. One of the cultural attractions in Andong region is Maskdance. Andong Maskdance Festival introduce many performances of Korea’s traditional mask dances. Maskdance has been designated as an Important Intangible Cultural Asset of Korea. During this festival, visitors can learn how to Andong mask dance and make masks on your own.

Andong Maskdance Festival
Perioe Sep.30. 2016 ~ Oct. 09. 2016
Place Andong Downtown
Festival Program Korean Maskdance, Foreign Maskdance, Andong Folk Festival, Hahoe Village Event

Detailed Itinerary

7:00 ~ 10:30 City Hall Subway Station(Departure) → Andong Mask Museum(Arrival)

*After making a reservation, We’ll send you transportation voucher with reservation No. via your mail or Hotel fax. Please print out the voucher and show your reservation No. to tour staff on the bus at the City Hall Station
*Boarding Area : City Hall Subway Station(Line#1, Exit No.3) in front of Donghwa Duty Free Shop

10:30 ~ 11:30 Andong Mask Museum
11:30 ~ 13:30 Andong Hahoe Village & Free Lunch
13:30 ~ 14:30 Andong Traditional Market
14:30 ~ 17:30 Andong Maskdance Festival
17:30 ~ 20:30 Andong Maskdance Festival(Departure) → City Hall Subway Station(Arrival)
*Please arrive at the boarding area before departure

Festival Programs

Korean Maskdance
Place Main stage, Hahoe Village
Explanation – Kwanno Mask Dance, Kosung Okwangdae, Tongyoung Okangdae, Suyoun Yaryu, etc.


Foreign Maskdance
Place Maskdance Theater
Explanation – Thailand, Philippines, India, Israel, Taiwan, Malaysia


Andong Folk Festival
Explanation – Ssirem, Korean Traditional Wedding Ceremony, Notdaribakki, Archery Contest, Chajeonnori, Dosanbyolsi, Daljiptaeugi, etc.
Hahoe Village Event
Place Hahoe Village
Explanation – Maskdance, Seonyujulbulnori, Jangsung Exhibition
Experience Program
Place Hahoe Village
Explanation – Making Mask, Maskdance Contest, etc.