Boryeong Mud Festival (July. 19 ~ July. 28) / USD 85

  • Destination: Boryeong, Chungcheong
  • Time :

    08:00 ~ 19:30
  • Price :

    USD 85
  • Address :

    Boryeong Mud Festival
    Boryeong-si, Chungcheongnam-do
    충청남도 보령시

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Daecheon Beach Tour
Available Period July. 19. 2019 ~ August. 31. 2019
Location Daecheon Beach


Boryeong Mud Festival
Period July. 19. 2019 ~ July. 28. 2019 (10 Days)
Location Daecheon Beach Mud Plaza


Participant Rate (per person) Remarks
4 people USD 85



– Hotel pickup / Sendoff (Van or Bus)
– Entrance ticket of paid zone (During festival) or Rental of Beach umbrella (Except for festival period)


☆ Daecheon Beach ☆
Daecheon Beach is located on Korea’s west coast in Chungcheongnam-do Province.
Clamshells blend into the white sands of this beach that stretches 3.5 km. No matter if it’s high or low the tide, visitors can enjoy the waters anytime. A cruise boat sails in the waters off Daecheon Beach, offering visitors a view of white pebbles that line the ocean floor. This spot has been a popular tourist destination for quite some time and the facilities are well made. Cultural points of interest include Jogak (sculpture) Park and Dol (stone) Park. Most people come to this beach to cover their bodies in the thick, mineral-rich mud. The therapeutic treatment is known to improve the look of skin and is even said to help those suffering from skin disorders.
High1_ValleyStandard☆ Boryeong Mud Festival Boryeong Mud Festival ☆
Every year, Boryeong Mud Festival attracts lots of international visitors to Boryeong. During the festival many people come to Boryeong to experience the beneficial of Mud due to plenty of mineral and germanium than other region mud. Everybody enjoy mud wrestling, mud sliding and even swimming in the mud tub. Also there are many other programs during festivals.


Special Event

How to get there

Detailed Itinerary

07:00 ~ 10:30 Hotel→Daecheon Beach (Boryeong Mud Festival)
10:30 ~ 15:30 Enjoy!
15:30 ~ 19:00 Daecheon Beach → Hotel
**Please arrive at the boarding area on time.


*Shower booth (3 rooms, 90 people), changing room, camping site (paid), drinking fountain, cooking area, snack bar, information center (operates during the open season only)
[Shower booth]
– Adults KRW2,000 / Children KRW1,000
– Free: Children (ages 6 or under), seniors (ages 65 or more)
* proof required
– Showering at the drinking fountain and restroom is not allowed.[Storage]
KRW2,000 per time
*Below facilities operates during festival only!

Mud Super Slide
Place Mud Square
Explanation – 12m in diameter, 6m in height of mudpool & mudfall facility


Giant Mud Bath
Place Mud Square
Explanation – Length 44m, Height 12m , Width 9m size, large slide, air bounce facility


Mud Mob-Scene
Place Mud Square, Daecheon Beach
Explanation – Certain Groups in a specific space for a certain period of time after having the rules of the game in progress

Face and body with a particular color to distinguish between the role a particular way to draw shapes


Mud Self-Massage Zone
Place Mud Square
Explanation – Enjoy mud massages at the self-mud massage zone


Prison of Mud
Place Mud Square
Explanation – 3m * 4m size of prison setup

-Surprise event for tourists who does not have mud on by imprisoning in the mud prison


Mud Pool Slide
Place Mud Square
Explanation -Horizontal 5m, length 15m, height 8m standard air bounce slide


Making Mud Soap
Place Event booth in the Main site

(Mongolian Tent)

Explanation – Making soap mixing natural mud powder, aroma oil, natural color etc. and pouring the molten into metal character-shaped tin