Daemyung Delpino(Seorak)

  • Destination: Gangwon, Goseong
  • Address :

    1153 Misiryeong yet-gil, Toseong-myeong, Goseong-gun, Gangwon-do
  • Check in : 15:00
    Check Out : 12:00

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Face the Ulsan Rock of Mount Seorak and listen to the quiet sound of pure nature.

You can see the magnificent view of Seorak range of the East Sea which is spread out like a panorama within the arms of Ulsan Rock. Del Pino Resort which reflects various images depending on the seasons has diverse additional facilities and Banquet halls including a total of 1065
accommodation rooms, golf course, Aqua world etc. Sightseeing and abundant nearby tourist attractions of natural bounty will help make your break to become more luxurious.

Outline Accommodation Nearby Attractions Facilities Transportation


※ Condominium Family
Capacity 4 people
Area(㎡) 56.1㎡/62.8㎡
Room Studio type: Twin(2Single beds) or DBL Bedroom or Ondol room, 1 Bathroom, Living Room&Kitchen
Appliances Air conditioning, TV, Wi-fi internet access, Kitchenware & Refrigerator


※ Condominium Suite
Capacity 5 people
Area(㎡) 85.9㎡/92.5㎡
Room 2Bedroom: Korean style Ondol room, Twin(2Single beds) or DBL Bedroom, 1 Bathroom, Living Room&Kitchen
Appliances Air conditioning, TV, Wi-fi internet access, Kitchenware & Refrigerator


※ Room Rate
** We can provide the room with discounted rate but it varies by dates.
Please contact us for the exact rate**
Room Type Capacity (people) Original price (USD)
Family 4 264
Suite 5 382


Outline Accommodation Nearby Attractions Facilities Transportation

Nearby Attractions & Festivals

Hiking Course


※ Ulsan Rock Panoramic View

The most outstanding rock in Korea is Mount Seorak’s Ulsan Rock. If you climb to the top of Ulsan Rock, you can see Peak Daecheongbong, a panoramic view of WiSeorak, and the East Sea. There are three theories to Ulsan Rock’s name: that it was named after its shape of a fence (“ultari”); and its legendary name was named after the geographical place of Ulsan; and it was named after the phrase, our mountain (“Ulri san”). Cloud flowers seem to bloom when clouds coil around the waist of Ulsan Rock.
  • Course : Mount Seorak > Sogongwon > Sinheungsa Temple > Rocking Stone > Ulsan Rock
  • Distance : 3.8km
  • Time Consumed : Return Trip 4Hours


※ Panoramic View seen from Geumganggul(Geumgang Cave)

The three angular shaped stone peak which stands high in front of the Biseongdae is Peak Mireukbong, and the stone cave located at the middle waist of Peak Mireuk is the Geumganggul(Geumgang Cave). Given that a cave cannot be dug at the waist of the large steep stone pit, the Geumganggul was determined as a natural cave with an area of 7 23㎡and enshrined with the merciful Buddhist Goddess of Mercy statue. This cave which contains traces of ancient high priests from the Silla Era and training place for Wonhyo Euisang Buddhist monks makes visitors realize that it is indeed a sacred sanctuary.
  • Course : Mount Seorak > Gogongwon > Biseondae > Geumganggul(Geumgang Cave)
  • Distance : 3.6km
  • Time Consumed : Return Trip 4Hours


※ Yongso Waterfall

Osaek was named after the five different lights emanated by the Jujeongol Bedrocks and the existence of trees which bloom five different colored flowers during spring. It is well known that autumn color leaves in Seorak are the thickest and most beautiful in Korea. Attraction sites include the Osaek Mineral Water Springs, Jujeongol which is called the abridged version of Mount Seorak, the 12 Waterfalls, Yongso Waterfall and Celestial fairy bath (it is said visitors can see the sky wall), Younghyulsa Temple, Seonguksa Temple, and the Three story stone tower inside Seonguksa Temple. It is also a place where visitors can go hiking to NaeSeorak and WiSeorak.
  • Course : Oseak Mineral Water > Osaek Seoksa> Yongso Waterfall
  • Distance : 3.5km
  • Time Consumed : 2 Hours 30mins
Festivals and Events


※ Gangneung Coffee Festival
Gangneung coffee foremost prides itself on its high level of taste. If coffee is regarded as another type of tea, the history of tea in Gangneung is matchless. Gangneung tea was the national constituency already from the Silla Era. Korea’s only tea cultural historic site is in Gangneung. The pavilion named as Hansongjeong which is located in the military base in Namhangjin is a cultural heritage of the Silla Era. Here, the tea-sets used and drunk by the Hwalangs of the Silla Era remain as ruins. Furthermore, there are records which prove that they drank tea in various places including Kyongpodae.
  • Date : October(About 10days)
  • Festival Location : Gangneung Romantic Sea(Gangneung Port, Gyeongpo Lake Square..)
  • Website : www.coffeefestival.net


※ Yangyang Mushroom Festival
The Mushroom festival which is held in Yangyang, Korea’s representative Mushroom producing district prepares various events which include mushroom farm home stays and mushroom picking experience in order to advertise the superiority of natural mushrooms. Let’s meet the autumn of a lifetime at Yangyang’s mushroom festival in which the profound taste the smell of mushrooms can be enjoyed along with Seorak’s beautiful autumn leaves.
  • Date : September~October(About 7days)
  • Festival Location : Yangyang Market, Mushroom Farm..
  • Website : http://song-i.yangyang.go.kr/site/songi_festival/index.jsp


※ Sokcho New Year Festival
Visitors can enjoy the sunrise at Sokcho Beach, Sokcho’s sunrise tourist attraction in the New Year, and diverse events such as music, dance, and fireworks held in the mini park in front of Cheongcho-gyo. A unique opportunity is given to feel the breaths of Mother Nature together with the family and make new year wishes.
  • Date : Jan. 1st(06:00~08:00)
  • Festival Location : Sokcho Beach
Buddhist Temple


※ Sinheungsa Temple
You will face the Ilju Doors when you enter the Buddhist Temple Entrance. If you look absentmindedly at the beauty of the extravagant dancheong (traditional multicolored paintwork on wooden buildings) the wooden bracket is exceptional and beneath the ceiling are two dragon heads sticking out which are well worth seeing. If you enter the doors, you can see the tombstones of Yongam, Daewon, Biakpa Great Buddhist Monks as well as historical tombstones of the late Joseon Dynasty to your right. 20 unnamed Budos (tombstones raised on top of the remains of monks buried on the ground) stand side by side.
  • Location : 170, Seorakdong, Sokcho-si
  • Nearby Tourist sites : Ulsan Rock, Rocking Stone(Gyejoam), Biseondae, Biryong Waterfall, Geumganggul
  • Transportation : By car, until the Daemyung Resort Mount Seorak entrance (25 minutes consumed) By Downtown Bus, alight at Sokcho Fire station and alight towards Mount Seorak on the opposite side (40 minutes consumed)


※ Naksansa Temple
Naksansa Temple which is located in the northern sea coast of Yangyang-gun has Mount Obong in its background. It was built by the great high priest monk Ui-kyung of the Silla Era who received the revelation of the Buddhist God of Mercy. One day Uisang heard a rumor that the Buddhist God of Mercy was staying in the ocean caves and visited this temple to meet her himself. Uisang who prayed for days on top of the ocean rock cliffs receives a cintamani from a dragon and a Buddhist rosary from the Buddhist God of Mercy. The place where these items are buried is the Naksansa Temple. Sometime later, the great priest Uisang built a small pavilion on the cliffs where he practiced asceticism and called it Uisangdae and also built a temple next to the place where the Buddhist God of Mercy soared up on a red lotus from the sea and named it Hongryeonam. As one of the four sacred places of the Buddhist goddess of Mercy in Korea, many Buddhist believers currently give worship here. Currently Naksansa Temple is undergoing restoration construction after last year’s fire.
  • Location : Jeonjin 1-ri, Ganghyeon-myeon, Yangyang-gun
  • Nearby Tourist sites : Mount Seorak, Naksan Beach, Osaek Mineral Waters, Thermal Mineral Waters
  • Transportation : By car- 30 minutes consumed (21km) from DaeMyung Resort By Downtown Bus- Alight at Sokcho firestation and aboard the bus across the street (50 minutes consumed)


※ Baekdamsa Temple
Baekdamsa Temple is the representative temple inside Naeseorak and is located above the Baekdam valley where the Gayadong valley and Gugokdam flow in to form clear waters, thereby becoming a guide to visitors who climb the NaeSeorak. It was established in the first year of the 28th king of the Silla Era, Queen Jindeok’s rule by Jajangyulsa and originally it was called Hanjesa, however, due to the existence of 100 pools between Peak Daecheongbong and the temple, it was renamed as Baekdamsa Temple. It was destroyed by fire on numerous accounts, however after the 6.25 (Korean) war, it was reconstructed in 1957 to arrive at today. As such it is a temple with many historical complications. Baekdamsa Temple is famous for the place where Manhae Han Yong Woon shaved his hair and practiced asceticism.
  • Location : Yongdae 2-ri, Bukmyeon, Inje-gun, Gangwon-do
  • Transportation : By car- 30 minutes until the Baekdam ticket office from the Dae Myung Resort Out of a total 7km from the Baekdam ticket office to the Baekdamsa Temple, roughly 4km should be transported by shuttle bus. After alighting the bus, the remaining 3km should be travelled on foot to arrive at the Baekdamsa Temple. (Total 2 Hours consumed)
Other attractions


※ Mineral water / Hot Springs

The joy of enjoying clean Mineral Waters and Thermal Mineral Waters at tourist attraction sites.

Classification Hours Transportation
Mineral Water Osaek Mineral Water 60mins Resort > Yangyang > Han Gye Ryung
Galcheon Mineral Water Resort > Yangyang > Micheongol > Galcheon Mineral Water
Songcheon Mineral Water Resort > Yeongok> Sogeumgang Entrance > Songcheon Mineral Water
Hot Springs Osaek Ocheon Resort > Yangyang > Han Gye Ryung
Cheoksan Thermal Mineral Waters Resort >Mokwoochae Entrance


※ Cheongchoho(Cheongcho Lake)
The Cheongchoho Lake is a large lake which is also called the Ssangseongho or Jinseongho Lake. It has an area of 1.3㎢ and a circumference of roughly 5km and is shaped like a wine jar. It is a lagoon which is located in the central of Sokcho-shi and surrounded by Sokcho-shi Joongang-dong, Geumho-dong, Cheonghak-dong, Gyo-dong, Joyang-dong, and Cheongho-dong. In other words, Sokcho city is located in this lakeside. According to the Dongguk Yeoji Seunglam, the entrance overlooks the ocean and therefore during the Joseon Dynasty, it is said to have left the naval base and anchored the warships. It also states that the beauty of Ssangseongho Lake is more outstanding than Younglangho Lake.
  • Location : Nearby the 4 dongs withn Sokcho-si Gangwon-do
  • Transportation : No.7 National Highway


※ Mount Seorak National Park
Mount Seorak National Park is repository of the natural ecosystem in which various animals live together in a vast area of 398.539㎢ and is a park which has gorgeous landscape resources.
With the highest peak Daecheongbong at the center, you have the Seorak Mountains which lead to Madeungryeong and Misiryeong to your Northwest, Seobukjuneung which leads to the Gueeddaegicheong Daeseungryeong to your West, Hwachaeneungseon which leads to Peak Hwachaebong Cheolsukbok to your Northeast. As such, it can be geographically classified largely into three main ridges, and with these ridges as a boundary line, the west is called Naeseorak, the east is called Wiseorak, the south is called Namseorak which make up Korea’s representative mountain scenery. The Hobak Rock, Kidung Rock, and Nulbjeok Rock etc originated based on the Gongryongneungseon, Yongajangseong, and the Ulsan Rock, thereby making the Mount Seorak national park Korea’s first national park to have beautiful landscape of rocky geographical features.
  • Location : 731 Seorak-ri(Seorakdong 43-1), Sokcho-si, Gangwon-do
  • Estimated Maple period : End of September


※ Naerincheon Rafting
The reason why Naerincheon Rafting in Inje-gun, famous for the nation’s most outstanding rafting course, is more popular than other rivers is due to its clear and abundant waters, magnificent view of the Naerincheon valley, and water currents with various levels of difficulty. In the hot summer, let’s enjoy the thrill and health of the water currents of the cool river. Rafting (white-water rafting) is a leisure sports which involves various people riding on a boat made out of PVC or rubber and experiencing rapid torrents or waves. Riding for roughly 2-3 hours will vanish fears of the water, enhance physical training and driving spirit, and enable you to learn the wisdom of holding trust in people and adjusting to nature.
  • Location : Hapgang-ri, Inje-eup

Outline Accommodation Nearby Attractions Facilities Transportation


※ Restaurants
Bistro Gran Del Pino A dong 1st Floor
Seorakjeong Del Pino A dong 12th Floor
Momchoi Del Pino A dong Basement 1st Floor
Shikgaek Del Pino C dong 1st Floor
Cafe Rocca Del Pino C dong 1st Floor
Vista Full-day(10:00~20:30) : Adult(60,000), Child(45,000)
Songwon Del Pino D dong 2nd Floor


※ Teddy Bear Museum

The world travel accompanied by Teddy Wilson and Femando at the Del Pino Resort Teddy Bear Museum has expressed worldwide famous tourist attractions, their diverse life cultures, and various characters imagined only through fairy tales through teddy bears. It is an educational as well as an experimental in which guests can watch and see pleasantly and joyfully.

Business Hours WD/WE : 9:00~19:00
Summer(Jul.17th~Aug.29th) : 9:00~21:00
Charges(KRW) Adult : 7,000
Child : 5,000
Location Inside Demyung Resort(Next to Aqua World)


※ Pharmacy

First-Aid medicine is prepared in case of emergencies.

Business Hours WD : 9:00~22:00
WE : 9:00~23:00
Location Del Pino A dong Basement 1st Floor


※ Good and Goods(Convenience Store)

Various goods including vegetables, fruits, seasonings, chilled foods, frozen foods, side dishes etc are prepared to ensure that all meals can be made with the minimum amount of ingredients purchased.

Business Hours WD : 7:00~01:00
WE : 24hours
Location Del Pino C dong Basement 1st Floor
Del Pino C dong 1st Floor


※ Self-Service Laundromat

It is an unattended, self-service Laundromat.

Business Hours 24hours
Location Del Pino A dong 1st Floor


※ Billiards Room

We have installed both pocket ball and 4 ball billiards table together therefore enabling guests to enjoy games based on their preferences.

Business Hours WD : 12:00~24:00
WE : 12:00~01:00
Location Del Pino A dong Basement 1st Floor


※ Karaoke

Take away memories at Del Pino Golf & Resort with the latest karaoke equipment. We will valuably serve each and every customer.

Business Hours WD : 17:00~24:00
WE : 17:00~01:00
Location Del Pino A dong Basement 1st Floor

Outline Accommodation Nearby Attractions Facilities Transportation

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※ Rental Car
Rental Car Departure Destination Rate (USD)
  • 9-Seater Car
Incheon Int. Airport Daemyung Delfino $ 370
Seoul Daemyung Delfino $ 320
  • 45-Seater Car
Incheon Int. Airport Daemyung Delfino $ 600
Seoul Daemyung Delfino $ 500


※ Express Bus

Incheon Airport → Daemyung Delfino
From To Vehicle Duration Fare(KRW) Schedule
Incheon Airport
(4B or 11A)
Dong-Seoul Bus Terminal Airport Limousine(#6705) 1hour 15,000/10,00(Child) 4:53~22:46
Every 30mins
Dong-Seoul Bus Terminal Sokcho Express Bus Terminal Express Bus 2hours
17,300/8,700(Child) 6:30~23:30
Every 30mins
Sokcho Express Bus Terminal Daemyung Delfino Taxi 20mins 10,000
Bus 2,500 Refer to below

*Bus Information : Take buses No. 7, 9, or 1 in front of the terminal, get off in front of Sokcho Fire Station(Students’ Gymnasium), cross the road and take bus No.3, 3-1 in front of the fire station.

Daemyung Delfino → Incheon Airport
From To Vehicle Duration Fare(KRW) Schedule
Daemyung Delfino Sokcho Express Bus Terminal Taxi 20mins 10,000
Bus 2,500 Refer to below
Sokcho Express Bus Terminal Dong-Seoul Bus Terminal Express Bus 4hours 17,300/8,700(Child) 6:50, 9:20, 11:50, 14:20, 16:50, 19:40
Dong-Seoul Bus Terminal Incheon Airport Intercity Bus 1hour 7,400/3,700(Child) 6:20~20:30
Every 30mins

*Bus Information : Take bus No.3, 3-1 and get off at the Sokcho Fire Station and get on the bus 7, 9, or 1 and gett off at the Sokcho Terminal.

※ Shuttle Bus

Seoul → Daemyung Delfino
Departure Boarding Location Departure Time Duration Fare(KRW)
Sports Complex Sports Complex station(Line#2), Exit No.6 in front of Parking lot 9:00 2.5 hours
(One-Way) ,
Service Charge


Daemyung Delfino → Seoul
Departure Boarding Location Departure Time Duration Fare(KRW)
Daemyung Delfino In front of Fontain at the Main gate of Resort 14:00 2.5 hours
(One-Way) ,
Service Charge

*Departure time may vary during peak seasons.
*Prior reservation is required.