Goodbye Korea Tour (Jo Yang Bang Jik, G Tower, Central Park, Incheon Airport)

  • Destination: Incheon, Kanghwa-do, Song-do
  • Time :

    13:00 ~ 19:30
  • Price :

    Please contact us
  • Address :

    Jo Yang Bang Jik Cafe
    587, Sinmoon-ro, Ganghwa-eup, Ganghwa-gun, Incheon-si, Korea
    인천시 강화군 강화읍 신문로 587
    Song Do Central Park
    24-5, Songdo-dong, Yeonsoo-gu, Incheon-si, Korea
    인천시 연수구 송도동 24-5

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Participant Rate (per person) Remark
4 people USD  Please contact us

* We will Pick you up and Drop at Incheon Int’l Airport.
* Based on one suitcase per person.



– Hotel Pick up
– Jo Yang Bang Jik Cafe
– G Tower Observatory (33 F)
– Song Do Central Park (Water taxi)
– Incheon Int’l Airport Drop off



– Personal expenses


☆ Jo Yang Bang Jik Cafe

Inside and outside of the Jo Yang Bang Jik Cafe, there is a photo zone where you can take pictures.When you go inside the cafe, you’re surprised at its overwhelming size.
My eyes are wide open with unusual artwork.A farm-machine modification, a replica of the old rides.
There’s also a kid’s room.The outside of the cafe feels like a huge exhibition hall.
☆ G Tower Observatory (IFEZ)

IFEZ is designated with area size of 132.9㎢ in August 2003 over Songdo, Yeongjong, and Cheongna International Cities including Incheon International Airport/ Ports as the hub for government’s strategy of making Northeast Asia’s economic central.Incheon is where the country’s west coast originates, serving as the gateway to Seoul and a metropolitan area with 23 million people and the center of Korea’s economic, industrial, and land development. Located 8㎢ from downtown Incheon and 50㎞ from the center of Seoul, IFEZ, and its adjacent Incheon Port, are highly accessible, with major metropolitan areas only 60~90 minutes away.

☆ Song Do Central Park

In the middle of high-tech business districts and residential complexes in the international business complex, a key district of Songdo International City, the new method was created to prevent the heat island phenomenon of the city and to efficiently recycle and manage rainwater.

For the first time in Korea, the man-made waterway, which is 1.8 kilometers long and has a maximum width of 110 meters, will be operated by a 12-seat water taxi that circulates through Central Park.

The park is comprised of five themes, including “mountain park” that creates a dynamic space according to the changes in the landscape, “terrace garden” that applies to Korea’s tradition of “madang,” and “super-support” that allows visitors to feel a refined urban image through sections of artificial waterways, and a combination of plazas, pedestrian roads and green areas to transform the atmosphere of urban areas with dense gray buildings into a green city.


Detailed Itinerary

13:00~14:30 Seoul Hotel → Jo Yang Bang Jik
14:30-15:30 Jo Yang Bang Jik Cafe Tour

15:30~16:30 Jo Yang Bang Jik → Song Do
16:30-17:30 G Tower Observatory (33 F)

17:30-18:30 Song Do Central Park (Water taxi)

18:30~19:20 Song Do → Incheon Int’l Airport
19:30 Drop off at Incheon Int’l Airport (Terminal 1 & 2)